Onething live

We may not be able to all gather in person right now, but we can still meet online! Beginning Thursday, January 21st, from 9:00-10:00 p.m., and continuing through the following 10 Thursday nights, we'll be hosting Onething Live—and we invite you to join.

We believe the message Onething carries is not only relevant for the current time, but also important to share with others. That's why we've invited several special guests to join us for online conversations focusing on what we need to know, focus on and do right now, both corporately and as individuals. What is God saying to His people? What role is the church meant to have in His plans in our unique time in history? 

Onething Live will include Q&A times with those tuning in, so get online, join the conversation and tell us what you're thinking about. 

Watch Onething Live on our Onething Europe Facebook page or on Youtube.

We hope to see you there!