Get ready

The most important way to prepare: through prayer and fasting

Before the gathering

The Bible tells the story of a beautiful, young queen called Esther and her relative, Mordecai, who raised her. These two individuals represent two generations who cooperated together in a strategic way to pray and fast for their people.

Inspired by their example, we want to invite the younger and older generations to do the same. Together, we want to pray and fast for the people in our time. This has always been part of God's strategy and we believe it has an impact!

It's up to you how you fast and to what degree. But we would love to do this collectively and invite you to sign up below to stay connected with others joining in this. We won't spam you but simply give you updates as to what various people sense God is saying as we pray and fast.

Let’s pray for Europe to have a radical encounter with the Living God. We know we ourselves will change through this!

During the gathering

We invite you to even come praying and fasting to the Vikingship in Palm Sunday Weekend. We encourage "Daniel's fast," and it will be possible to buy soops, smoothies and similar, in the venue. This is completely voluntary of course, and you can absolutely participate fully without fasting as well.

Just like Daniel, who took the prophecies of God about his people, and entered into prayer and fasting to see them fulfilled, we have a sense that we should now do the same. It is time to see God's promises fulfilled in our generation! 

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We will stay in touch with some encouragement to pray and fast up until the event.

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more ways to get involved


We are so grateful for every single person contributing to Onething Europe. Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to host a gathering like this! Part of our joy in being the church is getting to serve each other and seeing the Holy Spirit produce His fruit as a result.

If you would like to join one of our teams–whether that's Ushers, Registration or parking lot guard, please feel free to choose the Volunteer option at the top of our Register page.


If you would like to partner with us financially, you can do that by donating via Vipps (571186).

For other bank details, including international transfer information, you can request this by sending a message to us in our "Get In Touch" section on the Event Info tab.


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