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The Venue

Home of the Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer in 1994, the Vikingship is celebrated as a truly fantastic location in Eastern Norway! Today, the Vikingship is Norway's national ice skating facility and one of the main attractions in Hamar.


Åkersvikvegen 1
2321 Hamar

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If you would like to sign up for housing (located at one of Hamar's local schools) for the three nights of the event, you can book accommodation on our Registration page.

Please make sure to book your accommodation in Hamar well in advance of the event as there is limited capacity in the major hotels. Consider checking websites such as Airbnb for more homely places to stay. There are also a number of hotels close to Oslo Airport. However please account for the extra time it takes to travel to the event!

Getting there

The Vikingship is located close to the center of the town Hamar. It is approximately 80 km north of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.


It takes only 55 minutes by car from Oslo Airport. Following the E6 highway, turn onto the 222 or 25 roads to reach the Vikingship.

Please be aware that there is limited parking available during the whole event.


The R10 train takes 50 minutes from Oslo Gardemoen Airport to Hamar. Trains depart once every hour. Visit this website to book journeys ahead of time.

It is a 20 minute walk from Hamar Train Station to the Vikingship.

Children and Teens

Kids ministry (ages 4-12) will be available during the event’s daytime main sessions.*

Teens (ages 13-17) will join adults in the main auditorium throughout the event program. There will also be gatherings for teenagers after the evening main sessions. Older children (ages 11-12) may attend these evenings if they are accompanied by their parents.

There will also be an area for nursing mothers and toddlers (ages 0-3) available at all times. (Parents must accompany their children.)

More information will be given as soon as it is available.

*Parents who register on the day of the event must volunteer in the Kids Tent to avoid overwhelming the kids workers.

Language and Translation

All content will be available in Norwegian and English.

The prayer room

The Prayer Room will be a place to gather for worship and intercession with worship leaders from all over Norway and Europe coming to lead and support us.

Open Times:

Thursday: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Friday: 7:00am - 12:00am
Saturday: 7:00am - 12:00am
Sunday: 7:00am - 12:00am

The Prayer Room will not be open during main sessions, but will be open during seminars.
There may be opportunities to pray through the night if enough people are interested. Contact us at oystein@vossbonehus.no if you would like to participate.

Promotion and Stands

If you would like to connect with us to set up a stand or display promotional information on behalf of your organisation or Bible school, please get in touch below!

Stand & promotion requests

Get in touch

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Speakers & worship

Benedicte Mella

Benedicte is married to Gjermund and together they have three wonderful children. Benedicte is the founder of Onething Europe. She is also the Managing Director of Day & Night, a center for prayer, worship and mercy ministries in Oslo. She and Gjermund are part of the leadership of the IMI Church Collective. Benedicte has always been involved in prayer ministry, she loves to teach and burns to see people come to know Jesus and love Him wholeheartedly.

Diane Bickle

Diane Bickle is the founder and CEO of a real estate company. Together with her husband, Mike Bickle, she also helped start and lead the International House of prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC), a 24/7 house of prayer and worship that has now been running 20 years. At IHOPKC, she serves in the healing rooms and in evangelistic outreaches, oversees aspects of the pastoral care department, and regularly leads prayer meetings. She also speaks at conferences around the nation. Diane has been married to Mike for 40 years. They have two amazing adult sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and five stunning grandchildren who have “stolen Diane’s heart.”

Wes hall

Wes Hall is a qualified lawyer originally from the UK. He served for over 15 years as part of the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC), including leading the International House of Prayer University. While there, he experienced a call to go back to Europe to see revival and moved with his wife and four kids in 2016. Since then, he has been serving as a full-time associate pastor at Gospel-Forum Church in Stuttgart Germany, where he also leads The Revival Training Centre Stuttgart, a full-time Bible School and the prayer ministry, Gebetshaus Stuttgart. Wes is a dynamic preacher, has deep knowledge of the Bible and loves revival. He was a central part of the student revival in Kansas City in 2010. Wes is a man of prayer and is passionate about leading and training people to become lovers of Jesus.

Alv Magnus

Alv Magnus has been a leader in Youth With a Mission for many years. He recently published a book about Hans Nielsen Hauge, demonstrating as a sociologist how Hauge transformed Norway. He believes that a new generation of believers is rising up to transform their nation, just as Hauge did, and will bring the gospel to the last unreached people groups on earth.

Håkon Fagervik
Håkon Fagervik

Håkon Fagervik is an evangelist who travels throughout Norway and the world. He founded the Nordic Prayer Centre in Levanger, as well as a missions base. He is married to Liv, and together they have six adult children and 16 grandchildren. Håkon is not a man to retire; rather, he is more gripped by Jesus and more diligent in ministry than ever before. He has an incredible gift to touch people of all ages with a passion for Jesus.

Gabrielle Nunez

Gabrielle Nunez is an intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Together with her husband, Benji, she helps to lead and pastor the worship teams in the evening section (6 p.m. - 12 a.m.) in the global prayer room. Gabrielle’s passion is to see the church walk in the first commandment and to help prepare the church for the second coming of Jesus. Gabrielle and Benji have a one-year-old daughter named Elodie.

Sebastian Lee Mehlen

Sebastian Lee Mehlen is an evangelist and leader of the Jesus Movement. He is 22 and is newly married to Nathalie, who ministers alongside him. Sebastian has been active in missions and evangelism for four years, especially in schools and universities in both Norway and abroad. Sebastian has a powerful testimony. He longs to see people meet with the living God and for Norway and Europe to be transformed.

Anders og Maren Skarpsno

Anders and Maren Skarpsno are both worship leaders based in Levanger, Norway, and are parents to Nora. Anders works at the Nordic Harvest Mission Prayer Centre where he, among other things, heads up the Nordic School, also in Levanger. Maren works as a nurse. Anders has been in worship ministry for many years, ministering throughout Norway. Together they long to see people experience God’s life-changing goodness and for people to embrace full freedom and their original purpose. They love encouraging others to live surrendered, whole-hearted lives, founded on lifelong friendship with God.

Hannah McKibben

Hannah McKibben is a full-time worship leader and intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC). Hannah was born and raised in Bergen, Norway, but now recides in the U.S. After completing school in Norway, she moved to Kansas City to join IHOPKC, where she completed the four-year music and theology program at their University. After graduating, she joined the staff as an intercessory missionary and is now one of the main worship leaders at IHOPKC, leading her own worship team in the Global Prayer Room. Hannah will bring her IHOPKC worship team and come back home to for Onething Europe. She has a passion to see people experience the depth and joy of loving God and leading people into worshipping Him.