What's it about?

What is onething?

Onething is a call to come back to our first love, Jesus, and to willingly embrace the consequences this love is meant to have in our lives. We will talk about what the Bible says about truly following Jesus, and how we can prepare for the consequences our whole hearted 'yes' might have in a time like this.

The world has been shaken in the recent times and still is. Everywhere around us people experience life as hopeless, confusing and they struggle with emptiness and depression. There is a longing that only heaven can answer, and more than ever we need to see a Church arising in full knowledge of who She is for such a time as this. Let us come together and make a way in our hearts, our lives and our ministries. Let us make a way for the King.

Why Norway? 

Onething Europe is established in Norway, but has it's roots in Kansas City, US.

Norway was once one of the world’s leading missionary-sending nations, and is a nation with a call to catalyze revival in the continent of Europe and throughout the world. It has happened before, and we believe it's time to see it again! 

We believe God is in these days specifically preparing the Norwegian people to rise in their fullness and purpose to bring the "fire of the North" to the nations. The attention of many praying believers world wide is on Norway in this hour, and many are called for a time to come and be a part of the 'kick - off' of what God wants to do this year in and through our nation.

WHO is coming?

The main person of the event is JESUS, and we have chosen not to highlight speakers and worship leaders, even though we will have some names present that you might know and like. They will bring the Word of God for this time in a clear and meaningful way. We believe God wants Jesus to be the ONE highlight in this gathering, and we come together before Him.

Prayer and fasting

It is in the heart of God to unite the hearts of young and old. We love the story of how young Ester and elderly Mordecai united in a strategic cooperation in prayer and fasting for their people. Likewise, we are calling for three days of uniting the generations before God, even with prayer and fasting.

We recommend doing a "Daniel's fast" if wanted, meaning fasting on vegetables and fruits. The venue will have soups and vegetable dishes available, as well as other options, for purchase. Fasting is fully voluntary, of course. The city center of Hamar is close by with several opportunities for buying food.

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