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Onething Europe is a grassroots movement with a calling to help prepare the Bride for Jesus through teaching, discipleship and mobilization to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. The movement is rooted in Norway, once the world’s leading missionary-sending nation, and aims to help mobilize another move of God across Europe.

We believe God is specifically preparing the Norwegian people to rise in their fullness and purpose in God. We believe that more than any other generation, today's young people will become revivalists who bring the "fire of the North" to the nations. For this to happen, we need to be awakened to our first love and become strong in our inner life with Jesus.


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What is the purpose of Gathering at Vikingship Stadium?

God spoke in 2015 about gathering the nation at the Vikingship stadium in Hamar. We believe the purpose was–and still is–to prepare the church throughout Europe for Jesus' return. Scripture is clear that He is coming for a Bride who is ready for Him (Eph. 5:27; Rev. 19:7; 2 Cor. 11:2). Despite the pandemic, we have felt that we should keep working to "prepare the ship," just as Noah in the Bible did.

This means that as soon as restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to gather again, we will be ready to announce new dates.

During the Onething Europe conference, the teaching will focus on being ready for Jesus through a lifestyle of prayer, worship and ministry to Him. The goal of Onething Europe is not to gather people for a single conference, but to mobilize a generation of believers toward deeper intimacy with Jesus. We want people to understand the times they live in and to lay their lives down for the King.


We truly believe that today's younger generation–maybe more than any other generation in our history–is meant to rise and walk wholeheartedly with Jesus. Therefore, we hope to see many young people come to the Vikingship!

However, this is not exclusively for young people. No matter our age or background, there is room for "the whole family" to come together. God wants to use us all of us to influence the world. Everyone in this time is called to take their place within His plans.


Norway was once the world's highest missionary-sending country. Though its spiritual bent has changed drastically since those days—as is the case with most of Europe—we believe God still has a plan for this nation to be the fire-starter for a continent. Amid the shifting spiritual climate in Europe, it is time for Norway to once again become the arrowhead that reaches the nations.

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