A call to unite

to awaken and prepare as the people of god

The church is meant to be a bright, shining light in the world.
To arise in boldness, we need to remember who we are and what it is God has said about us. Only then can we step into the role He has ment for us to have in this hour.


Onething Live

During the pandemic, while waiting for the right time to gather, we had some meaningful conversations with our amazing friends from different nations. Have a listen on these 10 talks as you wait for the actual gathering in Palm Sunday weekend! 

Find it on our Onething Europe Facebook page or on Youtube.

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Get ready through prayer and fasting

The Bible tells the story of beautiful young queen Esther and her relative, Mordecai. They represent two generations who cooperated together in a strategic way to pray and fast for their people. And with glorious results! 

We are calling the generations to come together in this way once again, according to the ways God has given us.

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